About Brian

Speaker of the House Brian C. Bosma is a key figure in the transformation taking placethroughout the state of Indiana. Over the last several years, Representative Bosma and his HouseRepublican colleagues have driven Indiana further and faster than ever before, moving the state ina much needed new direction.

Representative Bosma was first elected in 1986 to represent House District 88, which todayencompasses the northeast portion of Marion County and parts of southern Hamilton County.He rose quickly through the leadership ranks of the Republican Caucus and was selected asRepublican Floor leader in 1994 and Republican Leader in 2000. After Republicans becamethe majority party in 2004, Brian was selected as Speaker of the House. As Speaker ofthe 114th General Assembly, Representative Bosma and the House Republicans worked torevitalize Indiana’s economy, pass the first balanced budget in a decade, adopt the strongesttelecommunications reform legislation in the nation, create the position of Inspector General toroot out fraud and corruption in state government, improve education opportunities for Hoosierschoolchildren, address the needs of the most vulnerable in our state, and open the doors to state government.

After the 2006 and 2008 elections, Brian was again picked to lead his caucus as HouseRepublican Leader. On November 2nd, 2010, Republicans gained a 60 seat majority in theIndiana House and Representative Bosma was again selected as Speaker of the House.

After being sworn in as Speaker for the second time, Brian addressed his colleagues in the HouseChamber, noting the challenges that lie ahead such and sharing his vision for the 117th GeneralAssembly: transparency in government through expanding internet broadcasting of Housecommittees (Speaker Bosma was the first to broadcast House proceedings via the web in 2005);promotion of efficiency in state government by creating the Select Committee on GovernmentReduction; and a renewed focus on bipartisanship and civility in the House. To demonstrate hiscommitment to bipartisanship, Speaker Bosma reached across the aisle to appoint two committeechairmen from the minority party for the 2011 session, a historic first.

Throughout his years of public service, Brian has been recognized as an exemplary leader. In2005, he received the Friends of First Steps Award for his support of early childhood interventionprograms. He was named Government Leader of the Year by the Indiana Chamber of Commercein 2003 and became the first legislator to twice receive the prestigious Chairman’s Award fromthe National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB). In 2002, Brian was among the nationalrecipients of Governing Magazine’s Public Official of the Year Award, given in recognitionof outstanding achievement at the state and local level. In 2010, Speaker Bosma was namedLegislator of the Year by the Indiana Public Charter School Association and was awarded theGolden Apple Award by Indiana Virtual Families.

In 2009, 2010, and again in 2011, Brian was named Honorary Chairman of the RepublicanLegislative Campaign Committee (RLCC), a group dedicated at the national level to winningstate legislative races that saw at least 19 chambers switch to Republican control in November of 2010.

In his private life, Brian is a partner with the law firm of Kroger, Gardis, and Regas, focusing his practice in the areas of local government and environmental law. He was a founding Director of Bosma Industries for the Blind, Inc., which today employs over 85 blind and visually impairedHoosiers in Central Indiana.

Brian and his wife Cheryl, along with their children Allison-age 21 and Christopher-age 19,attend Grace Community Church. He is a graduate of Purdue University’s School of Engineering(1981) and the Indiana University School of Law (1984).